Welcome to VAST Films, LTD
Welcome to VAST Films, LTD

About Us

Founded in 2005, Vast Films Ltd. is a privately owned company that specializes in providing roll-to-roll vacuum deposited web coatings. Vast is a leading supplier of high quality HRI (High Refractive Index), ZnS coatings to the hot stamping foils, laminates and security industries. Vast also supplies vacuum deposited metal and alloy coatings such as aluminum, copper, nickel-chrome, nickel-iron, tin, silver and most other metals, alloys and oxides are available.


Vast Films strives to provide customer service second to none in terms of quality and rapid response times. The dedicated team at Vast are here to help customers with product development, prototyping and improvement, all the way through to large scale production.


Vast has developed proprietary technology for patterned metallization (patent pending). This allows deposition of any of the above materials selectively in specific areas of the substrate. Servicing markets in, security and decorative holographic films (laminates, hot stamping foils, labels, etc.), flexible electronic circuits, RFID antennas, windowed pouches, microwave susceptors; the possibilities are endless!


In early 2020 Vast will be adding specialty equipment to support high volume production of our selective / pattern deposition products

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